Seasonal-Highlights 2018

Water Fountains of Velden
Where: Velden Bay
When: from May on (every hour on the hour)

Woerthersee Tour 2018 – GTI Meeting
Where: Reifnitz, Schiefling, Velden
When: 09th May – 12th May

Iron Man 2018
Where: around the Woerthersee
When: 01st July

Fête Blanche 2018
Where: around the Woerthersee
When: 06th July

Night of the Stars at the Woerthersee
Where: Woerthersee Stage in Klagenfurt
When: 21st July

Harley Meeting 2018
Where: around the Faaker See
When: 04th September – 09th September

X-Waters-Series – Woerthersee Swim 2018
Where: from Klagenfurt to Velden
When: 15th September – 16th September

Advent in Velden 2018
Where: Velden
When: 30th November – 23rd December